Savour your favourite snack, everyday

Experience the crispy goodness of our specially crafted recipe, packed with wholesome ingredients and baked to perfection. With each bite, enjoy a satisfying crunch while you savour the aromatic flavours of Elaichi, Ajwain & Jeera. Start your day on a delightful note or enjoy a well-deserved break with Nutrisum™ rusks minus the guilt.

Make every day a moment to savour!


Oat Cookies

Say goodbye to refined sugar as these delectable treats are crafted with zero added sugars, ensuring a sweet experience without compromising on taste. Prioritizing heart health, Nutrisum eliminates trans fats from its cookies, promoting a healthier lifestyle. Packed with high-fiber oats and additional prebiotic fiber, these cookies support digestive health, keeping you satisfied and energized. The perfect blend of cocoa richness and citrus zing offers a delightful fusion in every bite.


Elaichi, Jeera Ajwain, Cinnamon

Indulge in a trio of delightful flavors with Nutrisum's wholesome range of rusks. Experience the authentic crunch of real Elaichi seeds in the Elaichi Flavor, offering a stress-free, guilt-free snack with zero maida and added sugar. Elevate your tea time with the savory union of Jeera and Ajwain in the Digestive rusk, made from 100% whole wheat and boasting zero added sugar for a healthier option. Delight in the Delicious Cinnamon Flavor, where the perfect blend of sweetness and spice not only enhances your tea time but also brings the antioxidant properties of cinnamon to support digestive well-being.

What Makes Us Unique

Make every day a moment to savour!